SYL002 – Environmental DNA isolation kit (20 isolates)


  • 20 isolates
  • Controls and biochemicals included
  • Manual
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The Environmental DNA Isolation Kit is used to quickly and efficiently isolate environmental DNA from water samples. The Environmental DNA Isolation Kit procedure is suitable for qualitative and quantitative PCR amplification. The whole procedure for isolation of total eDNA takes about 2 hours. The isolated DNA will be dissolved in TE and is ready to use in qPCR.

The kit contains also an internal positive control (IPC). The internal control consists of a small piece of synthetic DNA, present in the conservation buffer, and a primer/probe set for qPCR detection of this control. The chosen DNA sequence of the positive control is unknown to the aquatic environment and will not interfere in any detection of target organisms. The Internal positive control is an efficiency control of the DNA isolation procedure and a quality and purity control of the isolated DNA. The IPC will be detected via the FAM channel. A positive signal should be obtained from this control in all cases (reactions). A negative signal indicates inhibiting substances in the eDNA isolate or a failure during isolation.


The kit is perfectly suited for eDNA extraction and isolation from the eDNA Dual Filter membrane. See a short tutorial how to extract preserved eDNA from the capsule and how to proceed. The complete procedure is described in the instruction protocol.

Kit contents DNA isolation

  • S1: Internal negative control
  • S2: CIA (Chloroform : Isoamylalcohol = 24 : 1)
  • S3: NaAc
  • S4: Isopropanol
  • S5: 70% Ethanol
  • S6: DNA storage buffer


Kit contents Internal positive control

  • Positive control
  • 1x Sylphium qPCR mix (100 reactions, ± 20 samples in quadruplo or 40 samples in duplo) without primers and probes
  • 1x Primer/probe mix (100 reactions) for detection of the internal positive control (FAM dye)
  • 1x Taq DNA polymerase (100 reactions)


Equipment and consumables required

  • qPCR machine multiplex capable for detection of the FAM dye
  • Microcentrifuge (13,000 x g)
  • Pipettors
  • -20 °Freezer
  • PCR cooling rack
  • Centrifuge for 15 ml tubes
  • Incubator or heat block at 55 °C
  • 15 ml tubes with cap
  • 2 ml tubes with lit
  • 96 wells qPCR plates + seal cover



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Weight 80 g
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 5 cm
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