Molecular genetic techniques

Recombinant DNA technologies are of paramount importance for many research and development projects. Time, facilities, available capacity, and know how are the essential ingredients for reaching your project targets successfully. Sylphium Life Sciences has available all the advanced facilities and know how of molecular genetic techniques needed to perform sophisticated contract research and services. We can assist in nearly any step of DNA cloning and have extensive experience in the design and execution of custom projects.
You can significantly speed up your research projects through outsourcing the molecular cloning part of your project. Examples of services and custom projects we offer are:

    • Subcloning of DNA fragments into vectors of choice. Such a DNA fragment can be a PCR product (e.g. TA cloning) in a standard vector or a client specific vector
    • Cloning of new genes or cDNA clones by PCR or library screening
    •  Synthetic production of DNA fragments or even complete genes / cDNA clones
    •  Sequence modification / optimization:

Restriction sites: Adding / deleting restriction sites 5” and 3” for cloning purposes or addition / deleting restriction sites in a gene for further cloning steps without changing the amino acids sequence
Mutagenesis: Introduction of a point mutation or deletion / site directed or random mutagenesis
Adding special sequences: Like his tags or customer specific sequences
Removing motives: Like repeats (and mRNA destabilizing motives) to optimize gene expression and without changing the amino acids sequence

    • Library construction from purified DNA or raw material

Sylphium Life Sciences is specialized in custom projects. In close collaboration with our clients we start the project with the development of a working plan. The making of a working plan is free of any obligation. In this working plan the applied techniques, time planning, and costs for execution of the project are reported and send to you by e-mail and regular mail. If the working plan (time scale and costs) meets your expectations the project can go into the execution phase. During the execution phase you have insight in the progress of the project. We guarantee satisfaction and absolute confidentiality.
Please feel free to discuss your needs with Sylphium Life Sciences and request a quotation without obligations.

Disclaimer: All projects will be checked for biosecurity and GGO license. Sylphium is entitled to reject projects.