Sample preservation buffer (syringe)


  • 20 syringes filled with 3.5 ml sample preservation solution
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The syringe is pre-filled with 3.5 ml of a specially formulated sample preservation buffer, designed to maintain the integrity of samples collected with an eDNA Dual Filter Capsule. This pre-filled syringe is included in the eDNA sampling set SYL009. Extensive stability tests have demonstrated that the DNA concentration in this buffer remains stable for at least two years. These tests employed an internal positive standard to verify the integrity and consistency of the eDNA concentration. Furthermore, potential contaminants from the water matrix were monitored, showing no significant effects on the buffer’s efficacy after three months. This ensures that the buffer not only preserves the eDNA effectively but also maintains its purity and quality over prolonged storage periods.

The eDNA isolation kit (SYL002) is engineered to isolate and purify eDNA from samples preserved with the sample preservation buffer. This buffer efficiently lyses biological materials containing eDNA while safeguarding the eDNA molecules for extended periods, even at room temperature. Adapted from the conventional CTAB lysis buffer, it serves as an ideal solution for eDNA preservation.

Moreover, the sample preservation buffer can be supplied with a low concentration of a xenobiotic internal positive control. This control is used in conjunction with the eDNA isolation kit to confirm the efficiency of both the eDNA preservation and isolation processes before analysis.


Kit contents:

  • 20 filled syringes with sample preservation solution


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