eDNA sampling and analysis

Sylphium Molecular Ecology is the one-stop-shop for environmental DNA (eDNA) sampling and analysis. We provide sampling equipment and sampling kits, as well as kits for eDNA isolation and qPCR assays with the new eDNA master mix. This master mix is highly resistance to humic acids and other inhibiting substances.

  • QPCR kits validated according to the recommendations outlined in NPR7394
  • Sampling equipment and kits meet all requirements as stated in CEN / TC 230 – Water Analysis – N 1229.
  • Well-documented batch and method validation reports for all kits offered (see product information)
  • After-sales support
  • Specific training and courses
  • Custom made batches

eDNA sampling:

eDNA isolation and PCR master mixes:

qPCR kits: