Natrix maura eDNA detection method finalized

Sylphium has finalized the development and validation of the eDNA detection method for the viperine water snake (Natrix maura). The service for eDNA detection of this organism is now available for routine analysis. The method is also available as a qPCR kit to be used in other laboratories as well.

The viperine snake is found in southwestern Europe and north-western Africa. It has also spread to areas of England. The viperine snake is found in rivers and lakes, and has also been recorded from areas of brackish water. They spend most of their time in water hunting fish, frogs and other aquatic animals.

Special thanks go to Alix Michon (LPO Franche-Comté), Dominique Malécot (CEN Franche-Comté) and Hugo Barré-Chaubet (LPO Franche-Comté). They had taken samples for the final validation of the method. The samples were taken this spring in the rivers Sorne and Bief Grougneau near Marcornay (Jura, France) where the snake naturally occurs.

Viperine snake seen during sampling in de Sorne. (Photo by Hugo Barré-Chaubet)
Sample location “Bief Grougneau” (Photo by Hugo Barré-Chaubet)
Taking samples (Photo by Hugo Barré-Chaubet)