Sylphium molecular ecology has a wide range of eDNA tests for both aquatic and terrestrial organisms. The eDNA tests offer the possibility to detect DNA of various organisms in water and feces samples with very high sensitivity, specificity and reproducibility. See section “How does it work?” for more information about the technique and how the procedure is at Sylphium for sampling, sending and reporting.

In addition to offering these tests in our own service lab, we also offer a large number of these tests as a kit. The eDNA analyses can then performed using these kits in a lab set up for eDNA analyzes. Sylphium molecular ecology provides support and courses for setting up an eDNA lab.

The table below shows for which organisms a test is available. The list will be expanded further in the short term. Is the species you are interested in not listed below? We develop the eDNA test for your target species for free. Please contact us without any obligation. See here for pricing of the tests or request a free quote.

SpeciesEnglish nameAvailable as a kit
Alburnus alburnusCommon bleak
Anatoxine toxine gene clusterAnatoxine toxine gene clusterSYL122
Anguilla anguillaEel
Anisus vorticulusLesser ramshorn snail
Barbatula barbatulaStone loach
Cobitis taeniaSpined loach
Cottus perifretumCottus perifretum
Cottus rhenanusCottus rhenanus
Crocidura leucodonBicolored shrew
Cylindrospermopsine gene clusterCylindrospermopsine gene clusterSYL124
Dreissena bugensisQuagga mussel
Epidalea calamitaNatterjack toadSYL106
Escherichia coliEscherichia coliSYL134
Esox luciusNorthern pike
Gymnocephalus cernuusRuffe
Lampetra fluviatilisEuropean river lamprey
Lepomis gibbosusPumpkinseedSYL101
Leuciscus idusIde
Leuciscus leuciscusCommon dace
Lota lotaBurbotSYL115
Lutra lutraEurasian otter
Microcystine toxine gene clusterMicrocystine toxine gene clusterSYL102
Microtus oeconomusTundra voleSYL109
Misgurnus fossilisEuropean weatherfishSYL107
Myocastor coypusCoypu
Natrix mauraViperine snakeSYL127
Natrix natrixGrass snake
Neomys fodiensEurasian water shrewSYL116
Ondatra zibethicusMuskrat
Pathogenic LeptospiraPathogenic LeptospiraSYL131
Pelobatus fuscuscommon spadefootSYL103
Perca fluviatilisEuropean perch
Pimephales promelasFathead minnow
Pseudorasbora parvaStone moroko
Pungitius pungitiusNinespine stickleback
Rana arvalisMoor frogSYL104
Rhodeus amarusEuropean bitterling
Rutilus rutilusCommon roachSYL139
Salamandra salamandraFire salamander
Salmo salarAtlantic salmon
Salmo truttaTrout
Scardinius erythrophthalmusCommon rudd
Silurus glanisWels catfish
Squalius cephalusEuropean chub
Thaumetopoea processioneaOak processionarySYL110
Tinca tincaTench
Trachemys scriptaPond slider
Trichobilharzia sp.Swimmer’s itchSYL108
Triturus cristatusNorthern crested newtSYL114