Sylphium molecular ecology has a wide range of fully validated species-specific eDNA qPCR assays for detection of both aquatic and terrestrial organisms. The eDNA assays offer the ability to demonstrate with very high sensitivity, specificity and reproducibility, the DNA of different organisms in water samples, feces and soil samples.

Sylphium’s analyses are validated, published and performed according to strict rules established on the basis of NPR 7394 (General principles in quality assurance of molecular biology research for microorganisms and environmental DNA). The results are delivered in a clear report, which also includes all checks and validations of the analysis method (Sample analysis report). Prices and analysis times can be found here.

The table below shows for which organisms species-specific eDNA qPCR tests are now available. The list will be further expanded in the future. The species-specific eDNA qPCR assays offered are fully validated. A number of species are listed as “In development.” These are not yet fully validated. In many cases, field validation is then missing. Should there be interest in 1 of these species, the validation process can be accelerated with possible help from the client, so that the test can still be offered.

SpeciesEnglish nameStatusAvailable as a kit
Alburnus alburnusCommon bleakIn development
Alexandromys oeconomusTundra voleValidatedSYL109
Anatoxine toxine gene clusterAnatoxine toxine gene clusterValidatedSYL122
Anguilla anguillaEelValidatedSYL135
Anisus vorticulusLesser ramshorn snailValidatedSYL128
Aeshna viridisGreen hawkerValidatedSYL130
Barbatula barbatulaStone loachIn development
Cobitis taeniaSpined loachIn development
Cottus perifretum/rhenanusBullheadValidatedSYL143
Crocidura leucodonBicolored shrewIn development
Cylindrospermopsine gene clusterCylindrospermopsine gene clusterValidatedSYL124
Dreissena bugensisQuagga musselIn development
Epidalea calamitaNatterjack toadValidatedSYL106
Escherichia coliEscherichia coliValidatedSYL134
Esox luciusNorthern pikeIn development
Gymnocephalus cernuusRuffeIn development
Hyla arboreaEuropean tree frogValidatedSYL150
Ichthyosaura alpestrisAlpine newtValidatedSYL166
Lampetra fluviatilisEuropean river lampreyIn development
Lepomis gibbosusPumpkinseedValidatedSYL101
Leuciscus idusIdeIn development
Leuciscus leuciscusCommon daceIn development
Lissotriton vulgarisSmooth newtValidatedSYL149
Lota lotaBurbotValidatedSYL115
Lutra lutraEurasian otterIn development
Microcystine toxine gene clusterMicrocystine toxine gene clusterValidatedSYL102
Misgurnus fossilisEuropean weatherfishValidatedSYL159
Myocastor coypusNutriaIn development
Natrix helveticaBarred grass snakeIn development
Natrix mauraViperine snakeValidatedSYL127
Natrix natrixGrass snakeIn development
Neomys fodiensEurasian water shrewValidatedSYL116
Ondatra zibethicusMuskratValidatedSYL119
Pathogenic LeptospiraPathogenic LeptospiraValidatedSYL131
Pelobatus fuscuscommon spadefootValidatedSYL103
Perca fluviatilisEuropean perchIn development
Pimephales promelasFathead minnowIn development
Pseudorasbora parvaStone morokoIn development
Pungitius pungitiusNinespine sticklebackIn development
Rana arvalisMoor frogValidatedSYL104
Rhodeus amarusEuropean bitterlingIn developmentSYL115
Rutilus rutilusCommon roachValidatedSYL139
Salamandra salamandraFire salamanderIn development
Salmo salarAtlantic salmonIn development
Salmo truttaTroutIn development
Scardinius erythrophthalmusCommon ruddIn development
Silurus glanisWels catfishIn development
Squalius cephalusEuropean chubIn development
Thaumetopoea processioneaOak processionaryValidatedSYL110
Tinca tincaTenchIn development
Trachemys scriptaPond sliderIn development
Trichobilharzia sp.Swimmer’s itchValidatedSYL108
Triturus cristatusNorthern crested newtValidatedSYL114

Species-specific eDNA qPCR assays offered by Sylphium molecular ecology. Is there an interesting species missing from the list. Please contact us.

In addition to offering these tests in our own service lab, we now also offer many of these tests as kits. These eDNA analyses can then be performed at our own lab set up for eDNA analyses. Sylphium molecular ecology provides support and courses for setting up your own eDNA lab.