Water laboratories and ecological consultancies can now carry out DNA analyzes themselves in their own (to be set up) laboratory by using kits developed by Sylphium molecular ecology. Doing it yourself has the advantage that you can schedule the research yourself at the time you want and that the results are available more quickly. An additional advantage is that you have full control over the entire process from sampling to reporting. Performing the analyzes yourself also leads to a large cost reduction of the eDNA determinations.

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How does it work?

Sylphium molecular ecology has developed various kits to perform the most sensitive and reliable eDNA determinations with as few steps as possible. The entire process from sampling, extraction of the eDNA to the qPCR analysis can be performed using these kits. The extractions and determinations must be carried out in a separately equipped laboratory, where various measures are taken to prevent DNA contamination. Sylphium molecular ecology can guide the entire process of designing and setting up an eDNA laboratory. In addition, specific courses / training courses are provided to learn how to implement the various eDNA technologies correctly. As part of the course, it is ensured that a full implementation of the eDNA techniques takes place within the laboratory of the client. In other words the course is only ended when there is a properly and independently operating eDNA laboratory. Sylphium is of course also open after the course as a point of contact for questions and advice.