The price of an analysis strongly depends on the number of samples supplied. Analyses of several samples can be performed simultaneously, which can result in a considerable time saving. This results in a strong price reduction for multiple samples. Below are the prices of the analyses offered by Sylphium molecular ecology. The results of the analysis are usually delivered within 10 working days. In consultation, the results can be delivered within two days. A surcharge of 35% will be charged for this. Fill in this form to receive a free quote.

Qualitative eDNA and feces analysis per sample (excl. VAT):

# of samples1 species2 species3 species
1 to 2€143,-€184,-€223,-

Quantitative eDNA analysis per sample (excl. VAT):

# of samples:1 species:2 species:3 species:
1 to 2€157,-€202,-€245,-

eDNA metabarcoding per sample (exl. VAT):

# of samples:Price:

Sampling rod

A handy reusable sampling rod has been developed for the Sylphium sampling sets to be able to take water samples from the shore. The sampling rod is very robust and made of aluminum and durable plastics and can be ordered in the webshop.

Sylphium molecular ecology reserves the right to decide whether or not to perform the analysis based on the quality of the sample supplied. No costs will be charged for this.