The price of an analysis strongly depends on the number of samples supplied. Analyses of several samples can be performed simultaneously, which can result in a considerable time saving. This results in a strong price reduction for multiple samples. Below are the prices of the analyses offered by Sylphium molecular ecology. The results of the analysis are usually delivered within 5 working days. In consultation, the results can be delivered within one day (before 17:00). A surcharge of 35% will be charged for this. Fill in this form to receive a free quote.

Qualitative eDNA and feces analysis per sample (excl. VAT):

# of samples1 species2 species3 species
1 to 5€112,-€153,-€192,-

Quantitative eDNA analysis per sample (excl. VAT):

# of samples:1 species:2 species:3 species:
1 to 5€130,-€186,-€243,-

eDNA metabarcoding per sample (exl. VAT):

# of samples:Price:

Monster sets

Sample sets can be pre-ordered in the webshop. These sample sets consisting of a filter unit, a 60 ml syringe, preservative fluid and sealing caps cost € 10 each. (ex. VAT). The price of these sample sets is ultimately deducted from the analysis price. No further requirements are required for sampling and filtration.

Sampling rod

The cost of a reusable sample rod to be able to take water samples from the side is € 285 (ex VAT). The sample rod is made of durable material and can be ordered in the webshop.

Swimmers’ itch and oak processionary caterpillar analyzes

A fixed rate of € 135 (ex. VAT) is charged for swimmer’s itch analyzes. The additional analysis on oak processionary caterpillar amounts to € 25 (ex. VAT). The exact identity of the Trichobilharzia species responsible for the contamination can be determined by cloning the PCR product and a sequence analysis. The extra costs of this analysis are € 375 (ex. VAT).